3G Jet Opaque Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper For Dark Garments

“Looking for unbelievably soft and color intense printing? Look no more than 3G Jet Opaque heat paper — a top quality paper for custom printing t-shirts and different apparel/ textiles accessory from Neenah Paper. 3G Jet Opaque creates comfortable garment prints on black and colored cotton materials with unimaginable Resistance to the elements.

Inkjet printable heat transfer paper for t-shirt printing
• Opaque heat paper that’s excellent for printing custom styles on t-shirts, koozies, totes, hats, and different cloth or garment Accessories

• Can be applied to 100% cotton solely – not compatible with polyester materials. may be applied to any color materials (ideal for black/colored garments)
• Can be cut with a vinyl cutter for an excellent lighter and a  print shop result.

Can be applied with a heat press or standard home iron — for the simplest, most sturdy results, we tend to extremely advocate heat press application

3G JET-OPAQUE® inkjet Heat Transfer Paper from Neenah Paper Speciality Paper unit designed for transferring images that have been printed on an Ink Jet Printer and then pressed into dark or alternative colored clothes and substrates. the Heat Transfer Paper contains an opaque or white layer to cover the color of the substrate and permit for photo-quality transfers. This product is often cut with a vinyl cutter, die, and kiss-cut. Substrates include T-shirts, sweatshirts, mouse pads, puzzles, and animal skin merchandise. select clothes that have a decent weave. created within the USA.